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Causes of Unnecessary Muscle Tension




Activity is essential to life.  If human beings stay in one position too long they experience pain and fatigue.
Muscles benefit from movement and they need the good circulation of blood.  Movement directly induces relaxation and it is only during the relaxation phase that waste products are carried away.
Voluntary muscles work in pairs. One group contracting as the opposing group relax.  This can be seen and felt if you bend your arm at the elbow and the biceps contracts while the triceps gives way.
If muscles are held tight and tense for long periods the circulation is impeded with a build up of fatigue products, causing spasm, aches and pains, especially neck and shoulders.
Sustained muscle tension can have harmful effects, e.g. a clenched fist can significantly raise blood pressure.  Intermittent tension does no harm at all.
Rhythmical exercises, by alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles, will improve circulation and reduce unnecessary tension. 
Learn to relax.
Anxiety Sleeping Breathing Tension Relaxation Eating Causes Exercise