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What are Life Skills? 

These are the skills that enable us to succeed in our lives and in the places where we live.  Learning new skills takes time and practice in order that they become second nature and are laid down in our hind brain to call on when we need them. 

However, “old habits die hard”. It may have taken many years for a person to become anxious or a constant worrier.  These negative thoughts and responses have a tremendous impact on our performance, well being and the quality of life. 

The negative responses can affect behaviour, and possibly more seriously, the person’s physical and social health.  Developing new skills to reduce and eventually eliminate the problems we may experience can only succeed by taking responsibility for one’s self to create the necessary change.  

Training or coaching may be needed to bring about changes in behaviour, such as learning to become more assertive, or to communicate more effectively.  Physically, our general health may be suffering with unnecessary tension, resulting in such problems as headaches, irritable bowel problems, skin rashes, allergies, etc.  Learning how to relax and reduce tension is one of the tried and trusted approaches for improving physical and emotional health.  Long term approaches will involve learning how to manage time more effectively and maintain a balance in life. 

Life skills to improve health and well being involve learning new techniques that use “problem solving approaches”.  For example, skin difficulties may be reduced and even eliminated by learning to relax, improving nutrition, taking more exercise and dealing with stress more effectively.