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5 Woodside Road, Ferndown, Wimborne, Dorset, BH22 9LB
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 Stress management coaching on a one to one basis and to groups is a service provided to a wide range of organisations. 

The client organisations are aware of their responsibilities towards staff who are suffering from stress. Marion is a well known specialist and trainer who can offer a staff support service that will be of benefit to both the individual and the employer. 

A Staff Support Service leaflet is available to clients for staff members who may need information about the service. This leaflet, reproduced below, explains how the service operates and the potential benefits. 


We may all face difficult periods at some time in our lives and most of us cope well, day in and day out.  However, there may come a time when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, either in our private life or in the workplace.  Early intervention and professional guidance can help to prevent burnout or breakdown.   

The staff support service is strictly confidential and allows you the opportunity to meet with a highly qualified practitioner to discuss your problems. 

The time and place for the meetings are negotiable and prompt appointments are offered.  Each meeting lasts about an hour and up to six meetings may be required. 

What can we do? 

      We can offer you the opportunity to attend meetings with the staff support coach.   

      We can only do this when you make a request, or agree that this would be helpful. 

      Your employer will pay for these meetings for up to six sessions. 

    We may need to negotiate with your Department for you to have time away from work, or you may need to attend in your own time. 

What can you do? 

      Only you can decide if talking to a professional may help. 

      Attending these meetings must be your choice. 

      Keeping appointments will offer the best results. 

      You will be able to monitor your own progress. 

    Offering feed back to your employer is optional. 

How do you feel? 

      Have you experienced physical problems recently, such as headaches, palpitations, allergies, skin problems, irritable bowel problems, high blood pressure, neck and shoulder pain? 

      Do you feel more tearful, anxious, irritable, or angry, become depressed, suffer panic attacks, or have a low self esteem? 

      Have you had sleep problems, social withdrawal, loss of libido or irregular eating habits?  Are you drinking too much alcohol or smoking too much? 

    Any of the above symptoms may indicate a stress-related condition. 

How can it help you? 

      Working with the coach, you can decide together on the best programme to suit you and how to regain your well being.  

      Improving your personal skills will help you to overcome the early signs of strain and has many additional benefits.   

    The aim is to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of strain, which may be indicated by reduced powers of concentration and efficiency, depression, lack of motivation, loss of interest, proneness to accidents, etc. 

Check with your doctor 

Your General Practitioner is your Primary Carer.  If you have any health worries, you should check them out with your doctor initially. 

It is very likely that your G.P. will support you taking part in this programme, but it is advisable to inform him at the out set.